Catering Solutions

Catering Solutions

Warehouse Management System

TECHCON Warehouse Management System let you manage goods systematically and easily. No matter the storing location, quantity, expiry date, batch number, and even cost can be viewed at anytime and anywhere conveniently.

Custom System Development

TechCon have a professional programming team to fulfill your needs. We provide customized system development services including web-based applications like website, e-card, and Flash game, and complex systems like ERP, accounting. TechCon provides you a complete customized solution for your business.

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

In the current commercial society, data is becoming more and more critical for a business. However, most companies do not have a regular data backup or do not have such professional knowledge on how to do it well. TechCon provides professional data backup and disaster recovery services to all our valuable clients. We help our clients to backup their critical asset in a safe manner.

Computerized Consultation

In order to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness, most companies would like to computerize their operating processes or change their documents into electronic forms. However, they lack professional I.T. consultation and suggestions in this area. TechCon is focusing on computerized consultation, helping their clients to computerize their business seamlessly. Our customer not only can take the benefits from the efficiency and accuracy gain, but also can continuously focus on their business.

Catering POS

Catering system is Point of sale (POS) system, which is widely used for catering, bakery, skin care, or normal retail business from home-style to chain store enterprises. Catering, nowadays, needs to deliver high-quality dishes in an efficient way in response to the even-growing demands from customers.

Point of Sale System (Frontend & Backend POS)

The retail business in Hong Kong is very competitive nowadays, it is of great importance for the merchants to save resources, improve efficiency and monitor the market. POS system is a necessary tool to improve the competitive power of a company.

Accounting System

Accounting System assists companies to understand the operational condition of its resources, hence serving as the means to utilize these resources in the most efficient way to gain competitive advantage and differentiation in the market.


ERP System

In nowadays busy commercial society, effectively managing different company data, including trading documents, product, client and supplier information, becomes extremely critical for a successful corporate.

Web Site/E-Shop System

A good website not only builds a good image, but also opens a new commerce channel for your business. Today, the Internet plays an important role in business world. Business is no long bounded by location and scale; customers often search for companies’ background, products’ details and order products via the Internet.

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